Vengeful Vampire at Wonky Inn: Wonky Inn Book 8

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Vampires are a pain in Alf’s neck.

After hosting a diabolical vampire wedding last Halloween, Alf had imagined that Whittle Inn had seen the last of those long-toothed monsters. She’d pointedly barred them from ever setting foot or fang in her part of the English countryside again.

But since then, one thing has continued to bother our favourite wonkiest witch.

Who killed the handsome young vampire Thaddeus? And why?

Now Alf will have to grit her teeth. Despite her protestations, her undead foes are breathing down her neck once more and threatening to make an unwelcome return to her wonky inn. Is anyone safe? How long before another one of their number bites the dust?

Given their previous escapades, Alf and her friends are keen to provide a sharp reality check. Alf heads off to Transylvania to make things right, but will the evil Count Grigor and his coven of fiends have the last laugh? Is Alf a match for these bite-young things?

Find out in Vengeful Vampire at Wonky Inn.

A clean and cozy standalone that complements the series as a whole. If you enjoy chaotic and humorous tales of witches, wizards, ghosts, vampires, ents and owls, the Wonky Inn books will cast their spell on you.

Read them now.

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