The Mystery of the Marsh Malaise: Wonky Inn Book 5

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Water, water everywhere … but not a drop to drink.

Alfhild Daemonne’s beloved Speckled Wood is dying.

Worse, Mr Hoo is sick!

In fact, several Whittlecombe villagers are seriously ill, and the problem appears to be with the water.

Alf must appeal to the magickal Keeper of the Marsh, an ancient tree named Vance for help. But he’s not happy about being poisoned and she’s going to have to mollify him.

Which won’t be easy.

The villagers are blaming her too, but the wonky inn owner knows full well her bitter arch-rivals The Mori are out to do serious harm to her reputation, her business, and the land she cherishes. Alf’s had enough. A showdown with The Mori is on the cards.

It’s time for ‘nice’ Alf, to become ‘nasty’ Alf.

Is she up to it? Can Alf become a lean, mean, witchy-fighting machine?

Only if she stops eating cake.

Find out what Alf does next in this action-packed instalment of the wonky inn series, full to bursting with the ghosts, witches, wizards, warlocks and weirdness you’ve come to adore.

Clean and cozy witch mystery with subtle hints of darkness.

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