The Mysterious Mr Wylie: Wonky Inn Book 6

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Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones …

Building work at Whittle Inn has unearthed a skeleton.

Horrified Alfhild Daemonne, recently returned from a holiday overseas, is keen to find out who the unfortunate victim was and how they died. After all, she might need to make reparations to the victim’s family for an atrocity one of her ancestors committed.

What was the victim’s link to Alf’s wonky inn and why were they interred within the walls?

It soon becomes obvious that Alf isn’t the only person who’s interested in the discovery.

The mysterious Mr Wylie is paying a return visit to Whittlecombe, and it quickly transpires that nothing is as it initially appears.


The Mysterious Mr Wylie is a clean, cozy paranormal mystery. This fun standalone provides a new entry point for the Wonky Inn series for those who have never stepped through the doors before.

Meanwhile established readers will love catching up on the latest chaotic adventures of their favourite witches, wizards, ghosts and villagers.

And not forgetting Mr Hoo of course!

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